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Are you tired of inconsistent swings, chronic joint pain, and frustrating rounds of golf? Discover the revolutionary Single Plane Swing, developed by the legendary Moe Norman, that promises to simplify your game, reduce strain on your body, and bring back the joy of golfing.

Moe Norman, often referred to as the "Rainman of Golf," was renowned for his unparalleled ball-striking ability and unique swing technique. Despite his unconventional approach, Moe's consistency and precision made him a legend among golf's greatest players. Now, you have the opportunity to learn his secrets and apply them to your own game.

Introducing the Single Plane Swing

The Single Plane Swing is designed to streamline your golf swing, making it easier to achieve consistent, powerful, and accurate shots. Unlike the traditional golf swing, which involves complex movements and can lead to chronic pain, the Single Plane Swing starts and ends on the same plane. This reduces unnecessary movements, minimizes the risk of injury, and makes the game more enjoyable.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified Swing Mechanics: The Single Plane Swing reduces the number of moving parts, making it easier to replicate and master.
  • Increased Accuracy and Consistency: Achieve straighter shots and more predictable ball flight, leading to lower scores.
  • Reduced Physical Strain: Minimize stress on your back, shoulders, and knees, allowing you to play pain-free and extend your golfing years.
  • Enhanced Enjoyment: Rediscover the fun of golf as you hit longer, more accurate drives and consistently land on the fairway.

Why Choose the Single Plane Swing?

Golfers who struggle with the conventional swing often find themselves frustrated by their lack of improvement and the physical toll it takes on their bodies. The Single Plane Swing offers a solution that is both effective and easier on your body, making it ideal for golfers of all ages and skill levels.


Robert P. - "I gained over 20 yards per iron and 30 for woods. I was going to quit golf before I started this... I have since dropped my handicap to a 7."

Lynann S. - "I hit the ball straight, hit most fairways and have had 4 holes in one! This works!"

John L. - "Add me to the list of believers. BOMBING my drives dead straight. This from someone who couldn't hit a straight drive for a million dollars. I'm old, all arms, and come over the top... No more.... UNBELIEVABLE difference."

Kerry F. - "I played yesterday in a 15-20 mile an hour wind and shot an 82... I'm 65 and I hit 15 out of 18 fairways... wish I had had this 30 years ago."

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